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Before Yoga
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early
Bring a bottle of water, yoga mat and large towel
Wear light workout clothing
Hydration is important drink plenty of water
Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before class
Yoga Room Etiquette
No shoes, gum, cell phones or personal belongings
Listen to the teacher and move together with the class
No color liquids except for Electrolytes drinks
Avoid perfume
Remain silent during and after class
Avoid leaving the room during class
Practice stillness in between postures
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There is no way I could have played as long as I did without Bikram Yoga, My friends and teammates think I made a deal with the devil. But it was yoga that made my training complete
Yo-Gaga: Lady Gaga, practices Bikram Yoga every day - wherever she goes in the world