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Beat Reichenbach from Switzerland presently practicing at Bikram Yoga

The Photo you see is Beat Reichenbach from Switzerland presently practicing at Bikram Yoga with his great will power has managed to lose 30 kilos. Similarly we have two cases Srikant loosing 14 kgs in 28 days and another 70 lbs in two months literally.

Here is Beat’s Story: Well have a look at the the picture it was taken in Portugal. My weight was over 130 kg. It wasn't just the overweight but as well my health that was in a really bad condition. I often had to use walkers because my joints were inflamed. I took so many pain killers and couldn't walk longer distances.

However it was that picture that gave me the kick in my a.... I needed. It was so ugly! Luckily heard about Bikram Yoga and its benefits and decided : just try it. Was I flexible enough ? Of course not but that's why we go to yoga. In my first class I thought I'm going to die and relaxed half of the time on my back but I came back every day and watched my diet: Less sugar, less lemonade, reduced the carbs (left them completely in the evening). Actually we all know what to do but often we're just too lazy. Bikram would say: “We are slaves of our bad habits.”

And the change it makes is worth it all! (picture of me on the right you see here speaks for itself)

Sri Kanth Reddy Loosing almost 8 KGs

About Bikram Yoga, I don’t know , what to say. It’s one of the best thing to happen to me.
Before I started Bikram, there was not a single day which could have passed without my cursing god for putting me the weight and then I was also on cure of B P where I was about to start medication for BP.
One fine day, I declare to shed some weight for me, to stay alive for long. So I hit the gym , tried swimming , normal yoga, dieting but not with much benefit for 2 years.
That’s where I got to know about Bikram yoga. I tried it as a last resort before going under the knife.
But it worked wonders to me . It’s my 35th class and I have lost 8kgs till now. Though I still have
a long way to go, but at last I have found a good partner in Bikram yoga in this race.

Special appreciation to the entire team of Bikram yoga for being patient with me in my early days for their thorough professional approach. Thanks a lot. Trust me “BIKRAM YOGA “ works truly for you.